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Let's start at the beginning


What exactly is counseling?

  Life can be hard.  Sometimes we find ourselves dealing with problems that we cannot solve on our own. We might have unwanted feelings of depression, anxiety, or shame; or we might find ourselves struggling in our relationships. At those times it is often helpful to talk with someone who can give us insight, perspective, and possible solutions. Counseling is simply talking with a person who has been trained and is skilled at having those helpful conversations.


Why would anyone choose to see a counselor?

  Sometimes we create our own difficulties and sometimes other people create our difficulties. Either way, having someone to talk to in a focused, private conversation can help us think through hard times, come to a new understanding about them, and develop effective ways to relieve the burden.  


Does needing counseling mean I'm crazy?

Going to counseling does not mean you are “crazy”. It means that you want to take some time to talk through a problem with someone who has professional training in the process.

Individual counseling can help with anxiety, depression, and men's issues. And marriage counseling can bring life back to your marriage.

Common Concerns


Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and most uncomfortable emotions that we can experience. Daily struggle with these emotions can sap our energy, making it hard to function at home and at work. Depression, fear, and anxiety can also take a serious toll on our relationships. Through counseling, you can recover the motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life.


You can learn how to improve your relationships with others, enhance your marriage, and learn how to improve your parenting skills. Some situations can be especially challenging, making it hard to know if the relationship is worth reconciling, or if it is time to move on. Counseling is a great place to work through the difficulties of all types of relationship issues.


It is difficult for anyone to discuss "sexual issues”. But those dealing with them know the deep pain, isolation, and shame that comes with behavior that feels out of control. Whether pornography, a “too strong” sex drive, extra-marital affairs, or excessive masturbation, many types of sexual behaviors can cause us problems. I can help you restore sex to a healthy, productive role in your life. Remember: our conversations are private. 

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