Individual Counseling Services



Feeling down on occasion is a normal part of life. Depression, on the other hand, is a persistent feeling of emptiness, hopelessness, and sadness. You feel bad and begin to wonder if you will ever feel good again. You get scared that things will never get back to normal and that just makes you feel worse. Learn about the common causes of depression and develop the coping skills necessary to get your life back. Change is possible.

Sex Related Issues


Unwanted sexual behavior can be difficult to talk about, but those dealing with sexual issues know that the deep pain, isolation, and shame that come with behavior that feels out of control. Whether pornography, a “too strong” sex drive, extra-marital affairs, or excessive masturbation, many types of sexual behaviors can cause us problems. I can help you restore sex to a healthy, productive role in your life. Remember: our conversations are private.



 Anxiety is a feeling that tends to feed on itself. You try to stop feeling anxious, only to have your anxiety feel like it is getting worse. You begin to realize that your life is becoming increasingly limited by your anxiety. It doesn't have to be this way. Learn about the common causes of anxiety and develop the coping skills necessary to get your life back. Change is possible. 

Marriage & Family Services

Relationship Issues


All relationships go through difficult times.

Couples Counseling can help if you are:

• Not connecting like you used to

• Feeling more like a roommate than a lover

• Continually fighting over the same issues

• Angry more often than happy

• Looking to other people for affection

• Forgetting what first attracted you

• Not sure if you want to stay or go

• Worrying how marital difficulties are affecting the kids

Parent/Child Conflict


  Even the best parents can find raising children to be a challenge. Arguments, disobedience, and school issues are just a few of the things that can exasperate any parent. Step-parenting can be especially challenging. I can help you with strategies to raise each of your children in a way that is productive and satisfying. I will work closely with your child's school to coordinate services and assure that services align. 

Spouses of Sex Addicts


Do you feel violated due to your partner's sexual acting out behaviors?

Do you find yourself reliving the betrayal event?

Do you find yourself avoiding intimacy with your spouse?

Do you find yourself getting angry or feeling unusually irritable?

Do you feel like your spouse acted out because you are not good enough?

Speaking & Training

Group Presentations

As an experienced public speaker and trainer, I am available to speak to your community organization, church group, or business on a variety of topics. Please contact me for more information and to discuss possible training topics.